Round 2. 
Here is another set of healthy recipes. I got this from
You can find my first set of health Recipes HERE
You can find a bunch more recipes HERE
You can find a picture of a goat HERE



Main dish:








This is just so perfect 

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Well, I’m the same weight today, I hate myself for that, but tomorrow will be different. I had a small handful of dry granola this morning. I’ve had three cups of coffee. 

I have an interview with a staffing agency tomorrow. I hope I get a job soon. I’m so tired of trying to find things to take up my time. Also, I’d really like to make some money.

I’m going to start going to bed earlier. I need to wake up earlier. This sleep schedule probably has everything to do with my mood swings. Plus, if I wake up early, I’m going to make myself work out. This lazy nonsense is bullshit.

"Hope Tomorrow" by the Weepies just came on Spotify. So fitting.
"Where we live, men are women
women are teenage boys
and everyone wants to look like them,
but be like men.”

I’m going to stay strong today. I want this so badly.

I wanted love
But not for myself
But for the girl, so she could
So she could love herself
The Black Keys “Next Girl”


I am starting again. And by that I don’t mean my diet but rather a downward spiral of lying, starving, and tears. 

You and I both, darling. Take care of yourself.

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This needs to be framed in my apartment.

This needs to be framed in my apartment.

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I'm Kee.
I'm getting small again.